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Antony Crossfield

Antony is a fine arts photographer and artist working in London. Through his work he seeks to question and undermine traditional conceptions of corporeality while also exploring the relationship between the body and identity. His work has been displayed in many exhibitions and publications including becoming #332 on the 500 photographers blog and has been featured 4 times in the BJP. Antony is represented by the Klompching gallery in USA and the Mito gallery in Europe.

Key Features

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    Responsive Design

    The multitude of devices and browsers a website can be viewed with has increased greatly over the last few years and with portfolio sites especially, the importance of compatibility can not be underestimated. Antony's portfolio can to be viewed intuitively and elegantly across a broad range of devices such as iPhones, iPads, smart phones and tablets as well as the more traditional laptop and desktop viewing platforms.

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    Visitor Experience

    As Antony provided the designs for his website, our task was to make sure that the interaction and experience was as Antony intended as well as ensuring the experience was cross platform compatible. Carefully selected transitions and rollover areas provide the visitor with an animated feel designed to compliment the high end quality of Antony's work.

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    Painless Updates

    As a busy professional, Antony doesn't have a lot of time to update his website so we built a customised content management system to allow him to quickly and easily update and re-order his work. The update procedure is user friendly whilst allowing Antony to do what he requires.

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    Retina ready

    The uptake of retina displays on devices from smart phones and tablets to laptops and desktops is increasing. Retina displays will soon become the norm rather than the exception. Anthony's portfolio is inherently viewed by clients who are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and so making sure Antony's work appears at the highest quality is of high importance.

Design Variations

  • Two design variations of Antony Crossfield's website