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Kate Peters

Kate Peters is an award winning British photographer producing portrait and documentary work. Exploring truth and fiction and alternative representations of women.

She has contributed to a vast array of magazines, including The Telegraph Magazine, FT Weekend, Monocle and Time. Her portraits have also appeared in such publications as Stella, Apollo and The New Review. Her image was used on the artwork for the Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto.

Key Features

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    Responsive Design

    The multitude of devices and browsers a website can be viewed with has increased greatly over the last few years and with portfolio sites especially, the importance of compatibility can not be underestimated. Kate's portfolio can to be viewed intuitively and elegantly across a broad range of devices such as iPhones, iPads, smart phones and tablets as well as the more traditional laptop and desktop viewing platforms.

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    Retina Ready

    With the progress of screen technology in recent years, retina displays are becoming more and more commonplace on consumer electronics. Kate's portfolio is retina ready, displaying icons and images superbly with fallback design options for lower resolution displays.

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    Visitor Experience

    Navigation is a critical element of the user experience. Poor navigation distracts from the most important element of a website, namely the portfolio, and usually results in a quick exit. Clear navigation encourages visitors to keep looking through the images laid out in front of them. Ultimately this also forms an impression of Kate herself as an efficient and considered photographer.

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    Fast Access

    Catering for distinctively different site visitors is an important consideration when designing portfolio websites. Kate's main visitors are those who commission photographic work and fine art collectors. Commissioners want to get a rapid feel for his unique style so they can confidently contact her with their needs, whilst collectors tend to soak up the depth of the work before making a decision. Both are looked after with this portfolio design.

Design Variations