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Marco Bertolini

Marco, native of South Tyrol, Italy, has been living and working in Milan for the past twenty years. Graduating at the South Bank University London in 1994, he moved to Milan and approached the world of design and style. Today, his work concentrates on still-life, interior and lifestyle photography commissioned by leading Italian and foreign companies. His work appears in catalogues and editorial publications and is also included in private and corporate collections across the world.

Key Features

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    Responsive Design

    The multitude of devices and browsers a website can be viewed with has increased greatly over the last few years and with portfolio sites especially, the importance of compatibility can not be underestimated. Marco's portfolio can to be viewed intuitively and elegantly across a broad range of devices such as iPhones, iPads, smart phones and tablets as well as the more traditional laptop and desktop viewing platforms.

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    Painless Updates

    A website with dynamic content encourages repeat visits and keeps Marco in mind for commissioners and picture editors a like. As a busy professional Marco doesn't have a lot of time to update his website so we built a customised content management system to allow him to quickly and easily update and re-order his work.

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    Visitor Experience

    Navigation is a critical element of the user experience. Poor navigation distracts from the most important element of a website, namely the portfolio, and usually results in a quick exit. Clear navigation encourages visitors to keep looking through the images laid out in front of them. Ultimately this also forms an impression of Marco himself as an efficient and considered photographer.

  • PDF Builder

    A custom PDF builder was integrated into the website. The visitor can select from all the image on the website and build an elegant PDF containing Marco's details. A drag and drop system allows the user to have full control over which order images appear on the PDF and once exported the PDF can be shared easily between picture editors, curators and commissioners.

Design Variations