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Martin Friedrich

Martin Friedrich, born 1975 in Munich, is a photographer and filmmaker. He studied Photography at the Academy For Photographic Design. After graduating, he moved to Berlin, assisting photographers and filmmakers. Soon he started to shoot editorials, campaigns and commercials for fashion and lifestyle clients. His expertise in working with locations and storytelling in photography and film took him to places like Los Angeles, Casablanca, Kathmandu, Moscow, Mumbai and Mongolia.

Key Features

  • Branding

    Martin's branding re-enforces Martin's style of photography. It was designed to compliment the work he produces and provide a strong and recognisable symbol across web and print media.

  • Image icon with magnifying glass in grey

    Retina Ready

    With the progress of screen technology in recent years, retina displays are becoming more and more commonplace on consumer electronics. Martin's portfolio is retina ready with fallback design options for lower resolution displays.

  • Tumblr icon outline in grey

    Tumblr integration

    Tumblr and Twitter work together as part of Martin's social media strategy. We have integrated Tumblr within the design to provide a consistency of identity across the whole site whilst building a social media profile which assists with SEO influence.

  • Film reel icon outline in grey

    Video integration

    Martin works across a multitude of formats including video. His portfolio allows for fully responsive integration of video within projects made up of imagery and video. Video portfolios can be navigated on touch screen devices using swipe motion as well as video controls via touch.

  • Mobile and a monitor icon outline in grey

    Responsive Design

    The multitude of devices and browsers a website can be viewed with has increased greatly over the last few years and with portfolio sites especially, the importance of compatibility can not be underestimated. Martin's portfolio can to be viewed intuitively and elegantly across a broad range of devices such as iPhones, iPads, smart phones and tablets as well as the more traditional laptop and desktop viewing platforms.

  • Coffee cup icon outline in grey

    User experience

    Efficient navigation of the portfolio is a reflection of how Martin works and is important in how he is positioned in the mind of the viewer. His site is easily navigable, with a consistent and easy to understand menu system. The whole site is optimised for performance allowing viewers to enjoy the work without having to wait.

  • Cloud icon outline in grey

    Painless updates

    A custom content management interface allows for Martin to make updates to his portfolio quickly. He can add, delete and reorder his portfolio whenever suits him and without the need to contact technical support.

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    Fast access

    Catering for distinctively different site visitors is an important consideration when designing portfolio websites. Fine art collectors can soak up the depth of Martin's work, whilst commissioners can gain a rapid feel for Martin's Style and approach.

Design Variations