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Roaring Girl

Following our work on Bedding Out, Roaring Girl Productions commissioned us to redesign their main website. Incorporating elements of the microsite used in the Bedding Out project, the site would be a streamlined portfolio of artist-activist Liz Crow’s work, combining various different medias in an all-encompassing design that exhibits and promotes her work in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Key Features

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    Roaring Girl Productions place accessibility very highly on the priority list. A broad range of requirements were implemented to ensure a positive experience for the highly varied visitors. Accessibility was carefully consider during the early stages of wireframe layouts and formed a major part of early developmental discussions. The accessibility approach was careful to compliment the usage of the site without dominating or compromising the overall identity of Roaring Girl Productions.

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    Responsive Design

    The multitude of devices and browsers a website can be viewed with has increased greatly over the last few years and with above average mobile and tablet usage amongst Roaring Girl’s audience, a thoroughly thought through responsive design is essential. The challenge was increased further by the multitude of media available to the audience. The solution is compatible with smart phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads as well the myriad of browsers available across those platforms.

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    User Experience

    Roaring Girl Productions produce work around complex social issues. This often leads to questions around consideration of audience engagement. The website has to guide a visitor through the project to provide them with a broad understanding of the issue in question whilst encouraging exploration of further important detail. Navigation was designed to give a few options to choose from and methods of filtering by content type so the viewer can choose a format they find most engaging.

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    Painless Updates

    Roaring Girl Productions are a constantly working practice and as such have the need to update at their convenience. Even with the complexities of the information architecture, the content management system is user friendly with access only provided to areas required for alteration. The customisation is extensive and allows for update, addition, re-order and removal. Training is an easy affair with minimal continual support required.

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    Unification of Media

    Years of extensive, multimedia work has resulted in an archive of multiple formats and styles. An extensive programme of digitisation, encoding, editing, retouching, digital re-mastering and stylising was required to unify the separate project’s archives to present the whole of each project in a visually pleasing manner whilst maintaining the artistic integrity of the finished works.

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    Information Architecture

    Roaring Girl Productions had a large amount of valuable content, in a wide variety of formats, built up over many years of work. Projects span long periods of time and multiple iterations and developments. Content was carefully edited and organised into clear sections to provide a high level of detail whilst maintaining an intuitive, accessible layout.

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    Social Media Strategy

    Dynamic content is the key to repeat visitors. Time is also very short for Roaring Girl Productions. The social media strategy is a calculated straight forward affair with a blog to engage the audience with further understanding of a constantly changing society. This coupled with scheduled, targeted tweets maintains a constant presence without saturating interest.

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    Concerns over security were high during the initial stages of the project. High levels of access attempts were causing issues with access and server load. A bespoke and highly configured security package was incorporated to combat the threat and ongoing updates and analysis has resulted in zero downtime.

Design Variations

  • Two design variations of Roaring Girl Productions